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MU Dark Wizard
Dark Wizard / Soul Master
Dark Wizards study the mystical arts, crafting the elements of nature into powerful spells such as Fireballs, Teleportation, and even Ice Storms. They have the highest Energy of all the character classes.

New dark wizards start with 100 free stat points to add and 1 Million Zen to spend freely. No better way to get started in the world of MU!

[Dark Wizard Statistics Formulae]
Maximum Damage: Energy ÷ 4
Minimal Damage: Energy ÷ 9
Attack Success Rate: (Level*5) + (Agility*3) ÷ 2 + Strength ÷ 4
Defensive Power: Agility ÷ 3
Defense Success Rate: Agility ÷ 3

A good way to win duels and battles is to use your teleport skill and while you're out of sight attack your enemy with lightning. The only way he can counter you is to wait for you to reappear but when this happens teleport again and stay untouchable.

MU Dark Wizard