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This website is designed to help you through the game. Hail, munoobian.


Version Info

Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

Custom modified emulator


Welcome to Faronnia Myth MU Online

Classic Diablo Style Free-2-Play 3D Fantasy MMORPG

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Adventure, epic quests, perilous dangers, dungeons and treasures - Just a few clicks away!
We are proud to bring you the very best classic MU Online private server. More than 8 years later, the ultimate MU experience is finally here. Leading the onslaught is a team of 4 extremely experienced veterans of MU Online private servers, including the reknowned programmer Shatter, who's built a private MU Server Emulator just for Faronnia MU. We are blessed with his work and experience, and have in fact produced a work of art with this private server. Made by MU fans, for MU fans.

Faronnia MU is a classic online RPG experience, very much inspired by the Diablo games, featuring over 400 Monsters and NPCs, epic gear and loot, remastered maps, an advanced skill learning and leveling system, extensive guild and faction content, a unique and easy-to-use crafting system, group quests and events, wings and pets, unique pVp events, and epic multiplayer quests that demand teamplay to guarantee success. We have spent much time learning the fine craft of MU Online modding and manipulation, and guarantee the finest MU Online private server out there, period!
This is the ultimate old school Hack&Slash, Dungeon Crawling Action-RPG Experience!

There are 5 playable character classes:
- Dark Wizard (magic class, 2 evolutions)
- Dark Knight (melee class, 2 evolutions)
- Fairy Elf (ranger & support class, 2 evolution)
- Magic Gladiator (melee & magic class, 1 evolution)
- Dark Lord (unique command class, 1 evolution)
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