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This website is designed to help you through the game. Hail, munoobian.


Version Info

Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

Custom modified emulator


The lords of evil defy you, faronnian!

Defeat them for epic loot and save the continent of MU
There are a variety of Boss Monsters in Faronnia MU.
Lord Kundun awaits you in Kalima 7 (requires Lost Map+7, and a party of strong players!)
The Nightmare boss of Kanturu challenges those who step forth into the portal in Kanturu!
The undead champion Balgass invades Crywolf Fortress, can he be defeated??!

Golden Monsters also spawn on a variety of maps every few hours, as well as the White Wizard and his Orc army! Golden monsters drop Box of Kundun which drop excellent weapon and armor items.

But that's not all, we have our very own custom boss monsters, check it out by clicking here!

You can find these monsters on a variety of maps, including Dungeon, Lost Tower 6 and 8, Atlans, Tarkan 2, Aida 2, Icarus, the Hell Fortress and of course our unique custom Arena/Stadium map.

You will require a few rebirths and a party of strong players to take some of these guys down. Another great place to fight and loot a variety of these guys is in the sand labyrinth of the Arena/Stadium map. There are teleportation platforms for quick access to this area.

Good luck, adventurer!