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Version Info

Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

Custom modified emulator


Castle Siege Basics

- Move to Lorencia (239, 13) to enter the Valley of Loren.
- There is no level restriction for entering the Valley of Loren.
- The Valley of Loren map is PVP for all, even if you came from a non-PVP server.
- During the actual Castle Siege event, you can attack your opponents without holding down the CTRL key.
- Items that normally could drop when you are PKed with Outlaw status will not drop during the Castle Siege event.

Land Of Trials

Land of Trials is a map with high level monsters, and a higher drop rate for ancient items. This map can be opened to public by Guildmaster of guild occupying the castle or kept private for the occupying guild.

Siege Participants Requirements

- All participating guilds must have a Guild Master that is at least Level 200 or higher (no Class restrictions).
- All participating guilds must have at least 20 members or more.
- In order to actually be able to interact with the Castle’s devices or to even win the event, a guild must be a part of an alliance.
- Anyone in the Valley of Loren can "participate" or interact with players, but these members or guilds can’t actually win the event themselves.
- If the guild that holds the castle disbands at anytime, they will forfeit the castle.
- There can only be three attacking guilds during the event.

How to register for a siege

- Qualified guilds must talk to the Guardsman NPC and press the "Announce" button and their registration will be accepted.
- Only the guild master of the main alliance can announce "intent to siege" to the guardsman NPC.
- All members of a guild that has announced their intent to siege can collect and submit Signs of Lord during the registration period.
- When the guardsman NPC is clicked, the guild name and allied guilds names rankings will show on the registry.
- When the guard NPC is clicked Siege status information will be shown.
- Guilds are ranked according to several factors, including how many Signs of Lord have been obtained.
- Only the top 3 guilds and their allies will be given a priority for the siege.

Computation for registration rank

Registration Ranking = ((Number of registered Signs of Lord * 5) + Number of Guild Members) + Level of Guild Master /4

Siege Status

Truce Period: Starts from the end of siege till the start of the next siege. Alliances can only be forged during this time!
Siege Registration Announcement: Time for guilds to announce their intentions to attack the castle.
Registration period: Time to compete for the top 3 slots for the siege by using Signs of Lord to enhance their ranking.
Announcement of Qualified Guilds: Announces guilds that have been accepted into Castle Siege.
Seige Start: Starting time for Castle Siege.
* Note: Players can get a Signs of Lord through hunting any monsters.

Siege Battle Basics

When the the guild registration is complete, the invading team and their allies will have a sword icon and defending and their allies will have a shield icon.
- PK penalty does not apply to the guilds of the invading and defending team.
- The above condition is applicable only in the Valley of Loren.
- PK penalty will not be applied to both invading team and defending teams but will be applicable to other characters who are not participants.
- The Guild Masters will have a crown mark on the top instead of sword or shield mark.
- Neutral characters will not be marked as attackers or defenders.
- Guild registration/withdrawal during the battle is not allowed.

Siege Players

- The invading team will have a sword icon and the defending team will have a shield on top of their character.
- The guild master will have a crown icon instead of sword or shield. (A blue crown for the defending team and a red one for invading team)
Neutral character can attack while pressing [CTRL]..


Basic Policy and Winning condition:
- The alliance under the invading/defending team will automatically be sorted into each invading/defending team.
- Attacking your own troops is possible by pressing Ctrl key, as well as certain AOE spells will cause damage to your own allies.
- Range attack can give 80% reduced damage to your own troops and 60% reduced damage for other troops.
- To win Castle Siege, the guild master's official seal should be registered in the pedestal located at the dragon tower, and if it is successfully registered, the lord of the castle is updated with the player who registered.
- Only the guild master can register the official seal in the pedestal.
- To register, press it for 30 seconds and if the 2 switches that are needed for stamping are cancelled or the character gets killed, the registration will fail.
- If there's remaining time, even if the registration was successful, the battle will continue but the 2 camps of invading/defending team will be exchanged.
- The guild with their official seal registered at the end of the siege will become the lords of the castle.
- The guild that owns the castle (including the alliance) can warp into the Valley of Loren to go the castle*.

Potions of Bless and Soul

These potions are required for destroying the castle gates and statues.
* Weapon durability rapidly deteriorates when attacking the castle gates and statues without first taking the potion, which greatly reduces the weapon's attack power.

Characteristic of Potion of Bless:
- The duration of the effect is 60 seconds.
- +20% damage increase is applied when attacking the castle gate and statue but it's not applicable in PvP.

Characteristic of Potion of Soul:
- The duration of effect is 30 minutes.
- Restore AG +8.
- Increase defensive power from lightning and ice by 50%.
- Increase attack speed +20.

Creation method for potions:
- Talk to the Chaos Goblin and select Chaos Mix
- Potion of Bless: 5 potions will be created using 1 Jewel of Bless; Potion of Soul: 5 potions will be created using 1 Jewel of Soul.
- The zen requirement is 100,000 zen per Jewel of Bless and 50,000 zen per Jewel of Soul.
- Potion of Bless and Potion of Soul can be used the same as regular potions by using the shortcut keys Q/W/E.
- When the player uses the Potion of Bless and Potion of Soul, potions that are being used will be indicated at the top of the screen.

NPC Soldiers

Because the invading team would be bigger than the defending team with 3 united guilds, the defending team has the option to use Soldier NPCs.

- The defending team can purchase the Soldier NPCs in the castle. They can choose between an archer-type soldier or spearman.
- Soldier NPCs can also be purchased through the merchant NPC of the invading/defending teams.
- Only the Guild Master and Assistant guild master can place Guard NPCs.
- A maximum of 100 soldiers can be deployed at any time. Drop the soldiers at the desired location where they will be summoned as soon as the siege starts. They will start attacking the invading team as soon as they are summoned.

The Castle Gates

The castle gates have defensive power/durability (HP) and can only be attacked during the siege. Weapon durability is greatly reduced when attacking the castle gates, therefore it is strongly advised to take a Potion of Bless or Soul before attacking.

- When an alliance guild wins the castle while the castle gates are destroyed, the gates will not be restored until the siege is over.
- The castle gates can be upgraded up to a maximum of 3 stages of defensive power and durability. (upgrading and restoring is not possible during the battle)

Guardian Statues

When all 4 statues inside the castle have been destroyed, the shield blocking entrance into the Dragon Tower vanish.

- Only the players of the defending team can enter through the shield.
- Recover HP/MP/AG around the guardian statue and recovery rate can be upgraded up to maximum of 3 stages.
- The Guardian statues have defensive power/durability (HP) and can only be attacked during the siege. Weapon durability is greatly reduced when attacking the Guardian statues, therefore it is strongly advised to take a Potion of Bless or Soul before attacking.
- Guardian statues can be upgraded up to a maximum of 3 stages of defensive power and durability. (upgrading and restoring is not possible during the battle)

Destroy the 4 Guardian Statues to proceed to the Dragon Tower.

Guard towers

- Guard towers play a role in protecting the Guardian statues once the battle starts.
- Guard towers attack invading parties around them.
- Guard towers can be attacked just like Guardian statues or Castle gates.

Dragon Tower

This huge tower is located at top of the castle. The tower is divided into a shielded entrance and an upper floor. The upper floor of the Dragon Tower houses a pedestal with the official seal of the lord of the castle.

The entrance to the Dragon tower is protected by the shield which blocks the invading team's forces.

To penetrate the Dragon tower all 4 Guardian statues need to be destroyed.

Registering the official seal

The upper floor of the Dragon tower houses a pedestal with the official seal of the lord of the castle. When the guild master of the alliance succeeds in registering the official seal with the pedestal, their sword symbols will turn into shields and they will now have to defend the castle. The guild with their official seal registered at the end of the siege will be the lord of the castle.

Siege weapons

- The siege weapons are placed at the respective fields of the invading and defending teams.
- Click siege weapons to view the menu to select the attacking location.
- Players can view the location being attacked when using the siege weapons.

Castle Operation

The lord of the castle can collect the taxes from using the stores and other systems operated by the corresponding cluster. Adjusting tax rate and settings for castle operations is done through the senior NPC located in the Dragon tower.

Role : Maintenance and upgrading of 6 castle gates and 4 guardian statues, tax adjustment

Repairing/upgrading is not possible during the siege.

Tax adjustment is applicable starting from 2 hours after the siege till the next siege.

Tax will not apply during 2 hours of the siege. Lord's Mix

Maintenance/upgrading of castle gates

To check the status of the castle gate click the senior NPC.
You can upgrade the total HP and the Defensive Power of Guardian Statues with jewels of Guardian.

Tax adjustment setting

- Tax adjustment can only be changed 2 hours after the siege till the next siege.
- Tax adjustment is divided into Chaos Goblin's tax rate and NPC's tax rate.
- Only the lord of the castle can adjust the tax rate.
- The tax rate will be applied when the "Apply" button is clicked and new tax rates will be added to existing item prices.
- Collected taxes will be displayed as a remaining zen of the senior NPC.
- NPC who are not affected by taxes are: Sebina, Marlon, Guild master, Charon, Messenger of Archangel
- Only the lord of the castle is allowed to withdraw taxes.
- Allowed withdrawal per transactions is set at 50,000,000 zen.
- The cost of maintenance/upgrades will be deducted from the castle lord’s inventory.

Status, command system

For the guild members of invading/defending teams, there's a display of the siege status (mini map) at the lower right side of their screen.
- It displays the player's location, command status of guild master, deployment plan of the castle and status of the castle.
- It will be displayed when the siege warfare starts and it will disappear when the siege warfare is over or moving to a non-battle area.
- You can turn the display On/Off by pressing the [Tab] Key.

Command functions are only given to the guild masters of invading/defending teams and it's possible to command the attacking location to the guild members by using these functions.
- The guild master can command the siege status to the guild members by using attack commands (sword icon: Attack), shield commands (shield icon: Defense), standby commands (flag icon: Stop).
- A total of 7 groups can be commanded from this menu.

Life Stone

Only the guild master or assistant guild master of the invading team can use the life stone. Once the life stone is created it functions as a respawn point for the entire guild. When the invading team's character gets killed, he will respawn from the life stone and not from the outside of castle.

- When invading team's guild member (including united guild) gets killed, he will respawn nearer from the battle zone.
- Can only be used by the invading team.
- There is a 60 second timer for placing the Life stone.
- Due to its special powers, it will restore HP/MP/AG to the invading team's characters around it (3 tiles) at the certain time.
- Life Stones can be destroyed when attacked by the invading/defending teams.

Creating a Life Stone

- Life Stones can be created through the chaos mix.
- Life stone forumula = Jewel of bless 5 + Jewel of soul 5 + Jewel of guardian 1 + Jewel of Chaos 1 + 5M zen