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Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

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MU Online Crafting

Now this stuff you just need to know.
In this game, you need to upgrade your gear if you want to survive the competitive PvP, as well as fight stronger monsters for more experience points and better item drops.

Luckily, the crafting system in this version of MU Online is very basic.


Jewel Of Bless Jewel Of Soul Jewel Of Life Jewel Of Harmony Jewel Of Guardian Jewel Of Chaos Low Refining Stone High Refining Stone
1. Jewel Of Bless - Use to upgrade weapons, armor and wings up to level +6 (100% Success Rate).
2. Jewel Of Soul - Use to upgrade weapons, armor and wings up to level +9 (75% Success Rate without +Luck option).
3. Jewel Of Life - Use to add attack and defense power to weapons, armor and wings (80% Success Rate).
4. Jewel of Harmony - Use to add even more options to your gear, but item will become bound (non-tradeable). Upgrade available in Aida.
5. Jewel of Guardian - Upgrade lvl380 items, mixing one of these with a jewel of harmony in the chaos machine.
6. Jewel Of Chaos - Use in chaos machine for combinations and to create event tickets, chaos weapons, wings, and upgrading items up to level +13.
7. Lower Refining Stone - Used for increasing Harmony Options.
8. Higher Refining Stone - Used for further increasing Harmony Options.

Jewels drop from all monsters, but the biggest drops are from event monsters (Chaos Castle, White Wizard Invasion, Blood Castle, etc.), as well as from event items (Heart Of Love, Box Of Kundun, etc.)


Items with Luck have +25% success chance on all upgrades. Also every item with Luck increases your critical hit chance with 5%. It is not a good idea to try to upgrade items without Luck.


You need to go to talk to the Chaos Goblin, who stands in front of the mighty Chaos Machine, in order to proceed with your item combinations and crafting. You can find him in Noria.


To create a chaos item you need to put in the Chaos Machine 1 Jewel Of Chaos + Items upgraded to +4 (or more) with option +4 (or more). The more upgraded your items are, the bigger the chance of success. A successful combination produces a Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Nature Bow or Chaos Lightning Staff, with which you can create wings.


The next step is to upgrade your Chaos Item to +4 with a +4 option (or more) and place it in the machine with another Jewel Of Chaos. Again you can use upgraded items to increase your chance of success. After a successful combination you will receive Level1 Wings. Note that the type of Wings does NOT depend on the type of Chaos Item (Jewels of Bless, Jewels of Soul, Unicorns, imps and angels also increase the chance of success). Then, you can upgrade again to get Level2 Wings.


Loch's Feather Crest Of Monarch
To make Level2 Wings (including Darkness Wings and Cape Of Lord) upgrade your Level1 Wings to +4 with a +4 option (or more) and place them in the Chaos Machine with another Jewel Of Chaos and 1 Loch's Feather (Drops in Icarus, Chrest Of Monarch for Cape Of Lord). This time if you want to increase your success chance you cannot use Normal upgraded items. Insead you need Mythical upgraded items to get a better chance of making Level2 Wings. After a successful combination you get a pair of Level2 Wings. Again note that the type does NOT depend on the type of your Level1 Wings.


To make Level 3 Wings (or Mantle of Lord) you need to create a Feather of Condor.
To get a Condor Feather you have to make a chaos combination with the Chaos Goblin. Place your 2nd Lvl Wings+9+option, 1 Jewel Of Creation, 1 Jewel of Chaos, 1 pack of 10 Jewels of Soul and 1 Ancient Item+7+option. The Success Rate is 60% and if the combination fails you lose everything. On success you receive a Feather of Condor.

The last stage is to finally get the wings. Place your Feather of Condor in the Chaos Machine with an Excellent Item+9+option, 1 Jewel of Chaos, 1 Jewel of Creation, 1 pack of 10 Jewels of Bless, 1 pack of 10 Jewels of Soul and a Flame of Condor (dropped in Barracks)

The success rate is 40% and if the combination fails you lose everything.
On success you receive your 3rd Lvl Wings.


Pets and mounts are available in NPC Stores, but you can create a Dinorant if you wish to do so, in the Chaos Machine. All you need to combine is 1 Jewel Of Chaos and 10 Unirias.


The Fenrir is a fierce mythological (Norse) creature resembling a giant wolf. In MU Online the fenrir is a mount for all character classes which enhances moving speed and provides several very good advantages. A Fenrir has a total of 255 HP and can be damaged. To heal a Fenrir put a Jewel of Bless on it. The Fenrir attacks with Plasma storm which is an exclusive skill (Mana 50, AG 20).

Stage 1 Crafting:
20 pieces of Splinter of Armor
20 pieces of Bless of Guardian
1 Jewel of Chaos
This combination will produce a Piece Horn (70% success rate)

Stage 2
5 Piece of Horn
10 pieces of Claw of Beast
1 Jewel of Chaos
This combination will produce a Broken of Horn (50% success rate)

Stage 3
1 Broken Horn
3 Jewels of Life
1 Jewel of Chaos
10M Zen
This combination will produce a Horn of Fenrir (30% success rate)


After +9 with Jewel Of Soul, you need to upgrade at the Chaos Machine. The +10 upgrade requires 1 Jewel Of Chaos, 1 Jewel Of Bless and 1 Jewel Of Soul. The +11 upgrade requires 1 additional Jewel Of Bless and 1 additional Jewel Of Soul (the +15 upgrade requires 1 Chaos, 6 Bless and 6 Soul).

Warning! If an item fails to upgrade, you lose the item. Every upgrade gives you +5% final defense.
1. +10 Success Rate - 70%
2. +11 Success Rate - 60%
3. +12 Success Rate - 50%
4. +13 Success Rate - 40%

If you want +15 items (which is the maximum level for items), you can win them in events and special competitions. We will never sell these items as donation rewards or in webshops, that would be against our own policy.

If you feel that we've missed something, or that we've made a mistake, or you just simply wish to help us improve this page with more information about crafting and upgrading items, please contact us on our forums. Thank you for reading, and enjoy Faronnia MU Online.