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Version Info

Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

Custom modified emulator


Excellent Items

The excellent items are special types of items. Every normal Item has an excellent version you can obtain. Usually they have a really low drop rate so another way to get them is by going on golden invasions and killing a golden monster. It will drop a Box of Kundun which usually drops a random excellent item. The excellent item is better than the normal one and also provides several very good bonuses.

All excellent options stack and it is advised to pick 2 and stick to them and not have a mix of all.

Excellent Options of Armors, Helms, Pants, Gloves, Boots, Shields and Rings
Damage Decrease 4%: Decreases the damage you take from enemy attacks by 4%
Defense Succes Rate 10%: Increases your defense rate by 10% making you harder to hit
Increase HP 4%: Increases your health points by 4% making you harder to kill
Increase MP 4%: Increases your mana points by 4%
Increase Zen After Hunt 40%: Increases the amount of zen dropped by monsters by 40%
Reflect Damage 5%: Reflects 5% damage back to your attacker.

Excellent Options of Weapons and Pendants
Excellent Damage Rate + 10%: Increases your chance of striking a stronger hit for more damage
Increase Damage + 2%: Increases your damage by 2%
Increase Speed + 7: Increases your speed with 7 points
Increase Damage + level/20: Increases your damage with your current level divided by 20
Increase life after monster + life/8: Heals you with your HP/8 points after each kill
Increase mana after monster + mana/8: Replenishes your mana with your MP/8 points after each kill