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Version Info

Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

Custom modified emulator

Demon Lord Kundun and his army of darkness are on the move. With him are his Undead Generals, each leading an army with a terrible force of destruction.
The continent of MU will be ruined, its free people purged in fire, non being able to stand on their own against these terrible forces of evil.
And if things didn't seem bad enough, some disturbance has awoken an ancient and terrible power deep within the abandoned ruins of Kanturu.
Heroes of Loren unite for glory!

The Elder Council assembles within the walls of Loren Castle. With them are the military commanders of each province:

The knights of Loren, trained warriors of the sword, men with valor and a sense of honor. The powerful mages of the Magic Academy in Devias territory, students of spellcraft who quest for acquisition of higher power. And finally the Elven race of Noria, the forest realm of the Fairy Elves, women with crossbows, longbows, and battle axes, each and everyone one of them dedicated to serving their Queen and her kingdom of nature and magic.

Great Lords join us in this dark hour, masterful men who have ascended in spirit and in power. Proud Gladiators of Sword and Magic have answered the summons, ready for a chance to unleash their terrific battle prowess onto the demon hordes.

Darkness is threatening the continent, spirits are disturbed and vengeful, and the races of MU agree on uniting their forces to prevent the collapse of Loren and its surrounding provinces.

The time has come for you to wield your weapons and join us, faronnian, in an epic world of battles and glory! Forge your alliances, destroy your ennemies, plunder your treasures, and experience the ultimate remastered MU Online server there ever was.