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Version Info

Season 3 Episode 1

Classic&Retro version

Custom modified emulator


MU Quests and Events

What to do and how to do them

Find the Scroll of Emperor

You will need to pay 1,000,000 Zen to take up this quest.

Scroll of Emperor Note: (x,y) are map coordinates, top left of your screen.
Once you have reached level 150, talk to Priestess Sebina in Lorencia or Devias to hear the story of the 'Scroll of Emperor'.

The 'Scroll of Emperor', which tells of the first emperor to unify MU, is said to have been seen around the Lost Tower, Atlans, and the Dungeon.

Here is where you will find it:
- Lost Tower 3 and 4: Deaths Cows, Cursed Wizards
Death Cow Cursed Wizard

- Atlans 1: Bahamutts, Vepars, Valkyries
Atlans Bahamutt Atlans Siren Vepar Atlans Valkyrie

- Dungeon 3: Poison Bullfighters, Elite Skeleton Warriors, Dark Knights, Thunder Lichs, Gorgons
Poison Bullfighter Elite Skeleton Warrior Dark Knight Thunder Lich Gorgon

Once you have found it (drops from these monsters listed above), go back to Sebina and claim your reward. Don't look too happy yet, there is 1 more quest you've got to take from her.

Three Treasures of MU

You will need to pay 2,000,000 Zen to take up this quest.

This is the last quest you will ever have to do from Sebina.
A historical record of the first emperor of MU contains the commemoration of peace through the triumph of the emperor over all warlords, which by doing so, unified the continent into the Empire of MU.
The emperor was one of the three Heroes that ended the chaos brought upon the people by the undead Lord Kundun and his army of darkness. After the empire was united, people swore loyalty to him.

Broken Sword Tear of Elf Soul Shard
To signify this oath of loyalty, the tribes offered three treasures:
- The 'Broken Sword' was offered by the dark knights as a symbol of their bravery, loyalty and their wish for prosperity.
- The 'Tear of Elf' was offered by the elves as a token of their vow to strengthen the unity between elves and humans.
- The 'Soul Shard' was offered by the dark wizards as a symbol of their vow to dedicate their power for the peace and freedom of the empire.

Alright, awesome, but whatever. What you need to do is go find 1 of these 3 artifacts, and bring it back to the greedy bitch Sebina who wants it for herself.

You will need to go hunting for Death Knights and Devils in Lost Tower 5 and 6.
Death Knight Lost Tower Devil Lost Tower

Once you've aquired your quest item, go back to Sebina, and you have completed the 2nd Class Transfer Quest! Congratulations!

Dark Wizards become Soul Masters, Dark Knights become Blade Knights, and Fairy Elves become Muse Elves.

The Ring of Honour

You will need to pay 3,000,000 Zen to take up this quest.

Ring of Honour
Talk to Marlon in Valley Of Loren
The legendary treasure called 'Ring of Honour', once worn by the first emperor of MU, has manifested its presence once more within the Continent of MU. It is said to be found in the deserts across the sea (there is an entrance to Tarkan at the very end of Atlans 3). Tarkan is where you need to go to, the quest item will drop from monsters there.

Return to Marlon once you have found it to complete your transformation into one of the vanguards of the Continent of MU. Soul Masters can use the Nova Spell once this quest has been completed.
For Blade Knights who thirst for a greater power, talk to Marlon again once you finish this quest.

The Dark Stone

You will need to pay 4,000,000 Zen to take up this quest.

Dark Stone The Blade Knights possess a power that only they can wield. The ability to string together their techniques have made these knights extremely powerful (this is also know as the Combo Technique).

The 'Dark Stone' calls out from the deserts of Tarkan 2. It calls out to the brave Blade Knights to continue the legacy of their tribe and seek this skill.
Marlon, one of the keepers of the tribe's heritage, invites you to embark on this quest. Bring him the Dark Stone and unlock the true power of the Blade Knights.

Final Class Evolution

Travel through the Valley of Loren to Crywolf, and speak with Priest Devin.
He will want these 3 items:
1. Flame of Death Vim Knight , found in Tarkan.
2. Horn of Hell Maine, found in Aida.
3. Feather of Dark Phoenix, found in Icarus.

Return to Priest Devin, and he will ask you to enter Balgass Barracks and kill some monsters. You can enter this map by speaking to NPC Werewolf Quarter who is next to Priest Devin in Crywolf. You must defeat some monsters, return to Devin for quest completion.

Then when you are ready, you must vanquish the Dark Elf General within the Balgass Refuge. This boss is hard, and is recommended after 1 rebirth and with a party of other players!

Return to Devin and you will complete your final class evolution.